Pitching to Mosaic

We run long reported features that are, in some way, about human health. Our remit includes biology, medicine, public health, history and ethics.

We’re not looking for profiles, reviews or essays. We don’t currently commission film from freelancers.

How should you pitch to Mosaic?

In a pitch we want to see the story summed up in one or two sentences, along with a sense of how you’d report the story (see below). For good examples, we highly recommend the Open Notebook’s pitch database.

Mosaic features are commissioned at 3,500 to 5,000 words at a flat fee, plus expenses.

What are we looking for?

The topic of your story needs to resonate with a general readership, but we need more than just that. We want a strong compelling narrative that will engage our readers, something with a beginning, middle and end. What's the point of the piece? What’s the news you can use you’re giving the reader?

Tell us, what is your story about? And what is it really about? Scratch under the surface of the best pieces and it’s clear that it’s not just the main plot you’re following, but also the underlying themes and a sense of something bigger than the story itself.

We’re not looking for news or investigative journalism, but there has to be a sense of why we’re telling this story right now. Many of our pieces draw on new discoveries or approaches that are transforming a particular field, and then explore the science and the wider societal context around them. Others are on timeless topics that have always fascinated people, such as ageing or consciousness.

Questions to answer in your pitch

Send your pitch to mosaic@wellcome.ac.uk, introducing yourself and including links to work you’ve had published.


To get in touch with our art director, email mosaic@wellcome.ac.uk, introducing yourself and including a link to your portfolio.