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We are bombarded with news and comment 24 hours a day. It is getting harder and harder to separate accurate stories from fake news – and it’s exhausting.

Mosaic takes the time to dive into a subject. We work with writers all over the world to tell stories that you won’t find anywhere else.

How long are our stories? As long as they need to be. As long as it takes to give you what you need to know about contemporary biology, health and medicine.

We thoroughly fact check and edit every story we run, so you can be sure that what you’re reading, watching or listening to is not only compelling but also accurate and considered – the opposite of fake news.

Mosaic tells stories about the science you care about in a changing world.

Our articles are published under a Creative Commons licence. This means that they can be reused for free. We just ask that you attribute the work to its author and Mosaic and link back to our website. Mosaic’s editor is Chrissie Giles and its ISSN is 2398-9399.

We’re created by Wellcome

Mosaic is published by Wellcome, a global charitable foundation dedicated to improving health.

Mosaic is editorially independent. We cover subjects that fit within Wellcome’s mission, but are not restricted to covering Wellcome-funded research. Our contributors bring their own perspectives to their stories.

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